At we only stock the best brands that have been extensively tested over many years, to ensure consistently high quality plant tags. Our high quality, durable, weather-proof products allow you to boastfully display your plants in a professional and a well organised manner. Our premium plant tags lets you print a variety of identification information such as;
  • barcodes
  • dates
  • text
  • batch numbers
unique sequential numbers for tracking batches or individual plants. They also come in a variety of colours to choose from such as White, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Pink, Orange and Lavender. Tags can also be written with a permanent marker. Our thermal tags and all in one printer ensures you can produce the best results to meet your requirements hassle free and without the need to spend a lot. Our Plant tag printer is specially designed and modified to the highest standards and features to make sure it’s ideal for printing quality plant tags every time. It has a print resolution of 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) and a print speed of 10 ips (254mm/s) to meet the most diverse requirements. This next generation of smart printer is a standalone printing solution which eliminates the need for costly computers. AEP resides inside the printer and can be customized to optimize business processes and provide additional data input with common peripherals such as a USB keyboard or bar code scanner. The printer can also print tags by querying a database with keyboard input or by scanning a barcode. We also supply ribbons for printing your labels. If you require ribbons for your order please give us a call on 1300 800 999 and out friendly staff will assist you.

Plant Tag Features and Benefits

  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Durable
  • Insect proof
  • Easy to read
  • Size: 25mm x 130mm
  • Colours: White, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Pink, Orange, Lavender
  • Quantity per roll: 2000

Plant tag printer features and benefits

  • Optional WiFi
  • Rugged Industrial Design
  • Suitable for Batch Printing
  • Easy media loading
  • Full colour interactive LCD display.
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Multi-national Language Support
Peripheral devices.
Connect your peripheral device (Barcode scanner, numeric keypad, a full size keyboard) directly to the printer for data input. The pot tag printer has 2 USB ports available (Front and Back) and RS232, LAN, USB (type B), IEEE1284, WI-FI The printer keys can also be used for operating the AEP application. Reduce Cost
Printer operates without a PC reducing the upfront investment and running costs. Standalone operation avoids network infrastructure expenses and security risks.
Save space
Less space is required by eliminating the computer from the workplace.
Simple to use & improve productivity
Improve productivity with simple to use applications and less operator training.
Focus on printing
Controlled AEP applications can limit unauthorized use keeping the printer operating with less interruption.